NMJC Access 12/12/2017

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This class is designed for the beginner who wants to learn how to building a spreadsheet from scratch using basic formulas. Have you been using a spreadsheet that someone else designed but you don’t know how they created the formulas? In the class you will learn: EXCEL BASICS CREATING A SPREADSHEET FORMATTING TECHNIQUES PRINTING SOLUTIONS

Understanding Relational Databases
• Learn about Access Objects & Terminology
• Discuss Design & Planning a Database

Create an Access Database
• Navigate the Different Views
• Work with Field Properties & Data Types
• Understand the Concept of Primary Keys
• Work with Relationships and Referential Integrity
• Discuss Join Types

Data Basics
• Add, Save and Find Records
• Work with Filters and Sorting
• Move and Copy Data
• Learn data entry shortcuts

Creating the Basic Query
• Create Select Queries
• Understand the Design Grid
• Use Comparison Operators
• Learn And and Or Conditions

Use Queries for Calculations
• Perform Calculations in a Query
• Calculate Groups & Aggregate Functions

Create Variable Queries
• Use Variables to Create Dynamic Queries
• Use Variable in Calculations
• Work with Query Parameters

Class Information

Class date: 12/12/17
Class end date: 12/12/17
Individual Price: $99.00
Location: NMJC Training & Outreach Facility
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