NMJC Excel Level 3 09/6/2017

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Learn how to Charts
Learn how to Modify the Chart
Work with Chart Templates
Create PivotCharts
Multiple Sheets and Linking
Learn Shortcuts for Navigating workbooks with Multiple Sheets
Learn how to Group sheets and create/modify sheets simultaneously
Learn how to create Formulas between sheets.
Create links between files
Working with Text
Work with the Text-to-Columns Feature
Use the new Flash Fill feature to combine and separate text
Learn Text Functions such as CONCATENATE, LEFT, RIGHT AND LEN. Macros
Learn to record macros both Absolute and Relative
Learn to modify macro

Class Information

Class date: 09/06/17
Class end date: 09/06/17
Cut off date: 09/11/17
Individual Price: $99.00
Location: NMJC Training & Outreach Facility
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