ONLINE - Excel To The Max 2/28-29/2024

Length/CPE Hours

14 hours (2 days)

Class Time

Day 1 - 8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. Central Time
Day 2 - 8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. Central Time

One-hour break for lunch and a 15-minute morning and afternoon break.

Method of Delivery

This class will be held online using GoToMeeting.  Class participants will receive a PDF of the book and will be able to access the class files online.

When you register, be sure to use the email that you would like your GoToMeeting invitation sent to.  The meeting invitation will be sent no later than 1 hour prior to the class. It will usually be sent after the cancellation deadline with which is 5 days prior to the class. Check your junk mail if you do not receive an invitation, especially if you have a Gmail or Hotmail account.  You do not have to have a GoToMeeting subscription to participate.

The web browser client will download automatically when you start or join your first GoToMeeting meeting and is also available for manual download here.

It is a good idea to download this prior to the online meeting.

Course Description

This class is designed for the intermediate to advanced Excel user who wants to expand their knowledge of Excel. The focus of this class are topics such as Formulas, Sorting, Filtering, Tables PivotTables, and working with Multiple sheets and files and much more. Also we focus on learning shortcuts, keystrokes and the most efficient way to accomplish a task. In the class, you will learn:


  • Review Basic Formulas
  • Work with Relative and Absolute References
  • Use Formula Auditing Tools
  • Create and use Named Ranges
  • Understand Guidelines and Scope of Named Ranges
  • Work with Shortcuts and Common Keystrokes


  • Understand the Parts of a Function
  • Use Auto-Calculate
  • Create Subtotals and Grand Totals
  • Work with Order of Calculation
  • Learn the IF and VLOOKUP Function
  • Work with text functions like CONCATENATE, LEFT, RIGHT, LEN
  • Look at newer text functions like TEXTJOIN
  • More text Functions such as UPPER, LOWER AND PROPER
  • Use the Text-to-Columns feature
  • Look at the new Flash Fill feature
  • Use Paste Special
  • Protect your formulas and files
  • Work with Date Functions like TODAY, WORKDAY and DATEDIF
  • Perform Date Calculations


  • Setup your spreadsheet correctly for Data features
  • Learn to Sort alphabetically, numerically, chronologically, colors, by icons and by custom list
  • Use Data Subtotals
  • Learn various ways to Filter data
  • Create Tables and Understand their benefits
  • Create and Modify PivotTables
  • Work with PivotTable Slicers and Timelines
  • Work with Recommended PivotTables


  • Learn Excel’s sheet options
  • Learn to quickly navigate sheets
  • Learn to Copy and Insert sheets
  • Rename and Color sheet tabs
  • Group sheets and work with all sheets simultaneously
  • Ungroup sheets
  • Move and Copy sheets within the workbook and to new workbooks
  • Create three-dimensional formulas
  • View multiple sheets at the same time
  • Link workbooks and manage the links
  • Use Comments
  • Freeze Rows and Columns
  • Learn to Split Views


Students must have a beginner level knowledge of Microsoft Excel.

Cancellation Deadline

The cancellation deadline is 5 business days prior to the class. If you are unable to attend, you may send a substitute. If you are a "no show" or you do not send a substitute you will be charged full price for the class.

Cloud Training Services will consider emergency situations such as a death in the family, illness, and weather, and will make every attempt to work with the person in the event of an emergency.

Event Properties

Event Date 02-28-2024 8:30 am
Event End Date 02-29-2024 4:15 pm
Capacity 25
Registered 11
Available place 14
Cut off date 02-28-2024 9:00 am
Individual Price $299.00
Location ONLINE

Group Rate

#Registrants Rate/Person($)
3 279.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this event