NMJC Word 1/22/2019

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Course Outline

Shortcuts & Navigation Techniques

Working with and modifying the Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbars
Navigate the Word Environment and the Various Views
Learn Keystrokes to Navigate and Perform Actions more quickly
Use shortcut techniques such as AutoText and Quick Correct
Effectively use the Office Clipboard

Formatting a Document (more than just the basics)

Learn to repeat and copy formats
Work with bullets and numbering
Learn about margins, gutters and special margins
Work with Special Characters
Work with Non-breaking Hyphens and Spaces
Page Breaks – Automatic and Manual
Working with Headers and Footers

Tabs and Tables

Understand and create custom tab stops
How to Create Tables
How to modify column widths, insert and delete rows
Working with Borders and Shading
Merging and Splitting Cells in a Table
Sorting in a Table


Understand how to use and modify styles
Using Styles to Generate Tables of Contents

Class Information

Class date: 01/22/19
Class end date: 01/22/19
Cut off date: 01/22/19
Individual Price: $99.00
Location: NMJC Training & Outreach Facility
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